• – Up to 5 hours burn time
  • – Up to 17″ logs
  • – 1.55 ft³ firebox
  • – EPA certified
  • – Proudly made in Canada
  • – Limited lifetime warranty
  • – Certified for mobile home and alcove installation
  • – Weight : 230 lbs
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Where to buy wood stoves near me

Fox Wood Stove is a popular brand of wood-burning stoves that are designed to provide an efficient, clean, and affordable heating option for homes. These stoves are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any home decor.

Combo pellet and wood stove

One of the main advantages of Fox Wood Stoves is their energy efficiency. These stoves are designed to use wood as fuel, which is a renewable resource that is readily available. Additionally, Fox Wood Stoves are designed to burn wood in a way that maximizes heat output while minimizing emissions, which helps to reduce the environmental impact and keep the air quality high.

Another advantage of Fox Wood Stoves is their affordability. These stoves are priced competitively when compared to other heating options, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers. Moreover, Fox Wood Stoves can provide significant cost savings over time because they use wood as fuel, which is typically less expensive than other heating fuels like natural gas and oil.

Wood stoves dealers near me

In terms of design, Fox Wood Stoves are available in a variety of styles, including cast iron, steel, and soapstone. This allows homeowners to choose a stove that matches their decor and adds to the overall ambiance of their home. Fox Wood Stoves are also designed to be easy to use and maintain, with features like easy-to-clean ash pans and air wash systems that keep the glass clean.

Lopi wood stove for sale

Overall, Fox Wood Stoves are a great option for anyone looking for an efficient, clean, and affordable heating option for their home. With their energy-efficient design, affordable pricing, and stylish options, Fox Wood Stoves provide an attractive heating solution that is both practical and environmentally friendly.

Soapstone wood stoves

Soapstone wood stoves provide an elegant and efficient way to heat your home. With their natural and durable material, soapstone stoves retain heat for longer periods, providing a consistent warmth throughout the day. Their timeless design adds a touch of beauty to any space, while their exceptional heat retention properties make them an energy-efficient choice. Embrace the comfort and efficiency of soapstone wood stoves for a cozy home.


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